Friday, 7 May 2021

FFS Friday - Firey

Hello Friday you beautiful thing.
It's no secret that I really don't understand how the world works. It really doesn't make sense to me. 
One thing I've been thinking about a lot since I had kids is the way they're treated. We expect things of kids that we would never ask of an adult. If it's not okay for an adult then why is it okay for a child? Makes no sense to me. 
For example. The last few weeks Eljay has had swimming lessons. They're expected to get changed in a communal change room with a whole pile of other kids. The first day, when Eljay asked to get changed in a private change room, he wasn't allowed to. 
I don't know about the rest of you, but there's no way I'd get naked in a communal change room. I get changed in a private cubicle. Even if I knew everyone in the change room I still wouldn't get naked in front of them. So why do we expect kids to be okay with that? 
I understand that there are logistical and safety precautions, but really, I can understand how some kids don't want to strip off in front of other people. I was talking to his teacher about it and she said that the kids start swimming lessons in pre primary when they aren't worried about privacy, so that by the time they get to year two it doesn't bother them.
I'm of the opinion that it should bother them. Kids being desensitised to things that don't feel right really scares me.
Thankfully the school were brilliant and Eljay is allowed to get changed in a private change room. It was either that or I would have cancelled the lessons, I refuse to make him do something he's not comfortable with and something that I wouldn't do. I'm glad he won't get naked in front of strangers!
That's just one of so many things we expect kids to do that seem very unreasonable to me. If I wouldn't do it then I won't expect my children to do it. Why should they eat foods they don't like? I don't. Why should they finish everything on their plate? I don't. Why should they spend time with people they don't like? Why should they be forced to do things they don't feel comfortable doing? 

It's nearly wood heater weather and I can't wait.
 Have a beautiful weekend.

Sunday, 2 May 2021

Thoughts of the week

1. There are some lovely new Flower Beauty products on the Chemist Warehouse website but I can't buy any of them because they're only available in store. How annoying.

2. It's suddenly got cold here in the south west and I've realised that I'm woefully unprepared. I have no winter sneakers as I killed my last pair, I only have one jumper and two pairs of jeans. Time to go shopping.

3. Speaking of shopping, I really don't like buying clothing and footwear online. It's so hit and miss, you never know what you're going to get. Being in WA things take at least a week to get here, so if I buy something that doesn't work for me the return process takes weeks. Unfortunately there isn't much variety here so I'm forced to shop online. First world problems.

4. This week I spent a whole day in front of the computer doing emails and admin that I've been putting off for ages. It was so good to get it all done. Now I can ignore everything for another few months.

5. Anzac slice is so good.

Friday, 30 April 2021

FFS Friday - Towelling

Hello beautiful people. How are you all today? It's Friday!
What do I want to complain about today? Hmmm, let me think.  
I'm not coming up with anything. Not sure how that's possible as it's been a rough week so there should be plenty of things to complain about.
Ok. I've got something. What's with them trying to kill the asthmatics every year? It's become an annual tradition.
Each year in our area, Parks and Wildlife wait until the weather has cooled down then do mass burning off to prevent bushfires. Great idea. 
What's not great is that they do it all at the same time, which means that we have weeks where the south west is covered in smoke. Not just a little bit of smoke, it's so bad that some days they have to close roads because visibility is down to 5 meters. 
Surely there must be a better way? Couldn't they space it out over a few months? Why do it all in one hit? I've barely left the house this week due to the smoke. I can't hang my washing out or else it'll stink like smoke and even though I've been inside as much as possible my asthma is really bad. 
Considering my asthma is quite mild, I hate to imagine how bad it must be for people who have severe asthma. They must be really struggling, in hospital or dead. 
Maybe it's a subtle way off killing off the weak. I suppose that could be an effective form of population control. Surely if that's their aim there'd be an easier way. 
Do you ever stop to think about what you life is like? As in really think about it? Last weekend Tiger was in a bad mood (not unusual). We were at the beach and he did a live post on Facebook. One of his friends saw it and called to see if everything was okay at home. 
When Tiger told me this I laughed and said "Things are never okay at home."
It's not something I think about very often but it's true. Things are never okay in our house. 
Between Tigers bad moods and Chai's behaviour there's rarely a peaceful moment. The only time things are okay is when Eljay and I are home alone. Sad but true.
I could sit around analysing things but that seems pointless. Things aren't okay at the moment and that's just the way it is. One day they will be okay. Today is not that day.
That's it for my weekly whinge. If you're really bored, next week I might talk about towel etiquette. It's a thing. 

Sunday, 25 April 2021

Thoughts of the week

1. Lest we forget.
2. WTF is with the USA police constantly killing people?
3. Mecca Beauty Loop boxes are out now. Has anyone noticed the quality seems to be going down? They used to be really good but lately they've been pretty meh.
4. I live in WA where Perth and Peel are in a three day lock down. The bit I don't understand is that they announced the lock down at 2.30pm and let people leave those areas up until midnight. Being a long weekend, a large number of them travelled south (where I live). Surely if there's a need for lock down either the south should be locked down too or people should be prevented from leaving Perth and Peel. Doesn't seem logical that they were allowed to travel down here. Granted, they're supposed to wear masks whilst here, but how many actually will?
5. How good is coffee!

Friday, 23 April 2021

FFS Friday - Confuddled

I'm sitting here here looking at yet another form I have to fill out in an attempt to get the services that Chai needs. 
Gone are the days when I can just call someone to make an appointment, now I have to fill out a pile of paperwork and send it all sorts of reports just to be considered, then I either a rejection letter or told that we're on a waiting list. 
Todays form is 7 pages long. I need a speech pathologist. Most of the questions aren't relevant to Chai, however if I don't fill them in I won't get to talk to anyone. Once I've returned the form they'll call me to discuss what services they can offer. 
Surely they can just tell me now and save me wasting my time filling out forms. That would be so much easier. 
To make things even more fun, the forms are always in PDF form and un-editable, so I have to print them out,  fill them in, scan and then email them. FFS.

The form I'm currently filling in is for telehealth services yet they want to know who's authorised to pick up my child. Not relevant. The rest of the questions are about his physical abilities, also not relevant. Interestingly they don't ask about his medical history and diagnosed conditions (which would be very relevant). 
Such a waste of time. 

Does anyone else feel like they just don't fit into this world? Try as I might I just don't understand most people. 
Usually I can forget that I don't fit in, but every now and again something reminds me. This week it was a facebook post. It was a picture of a little boy walking through a shop wearing pj's, gumboots, a beanie and carrying a sword. He looked awesome. 
The caption said "Be kind, someone has just lost a battle with a toddler". The caption went on to say that clearly the parent had lost the battle to get the child to wear clothes which is why they were wearing pj's. Since when are pj's not clothes?
WTF? Does this make sense to anyone?
Why would they think that parent has lost a battle? Why would they mind their child wearing pj's in public?
Then I thought about it and realised that out of all the parents I know I'm the only one who lets my kids wear whatever they want, so clearly it's me who doesn't make sense.

I just don't understand what it matters if a child chooses to wear an awesome outfit in public? So what if that awesome outfit is pj's? Why shouldn't a child wear what they want to wear?
My kids only stopped wearing pj's out last year. That was their choice. I don't choose their outfits, they wear what they want to. 
When we're leaving the house I'll ask them to make sure they have weather appropriate clothes but that's it. 

I'm not sure what I'm missing here. 
Having said that, most times we went out someone would comment on them wearing pj's and say they wished they could wear pj's all day.
That's another thing I don't understand. They could wear pj's all day, they just choose not to. 

It's like when people say they can't sing. We can all sing, we just might not sing well, but we can still sing. Maybe I take things too literally. 

The world is so confusing.

Tuesday, 20 April 2021

The good old days

Remember when blogs were popular, Instagram wasn't just a selling platform and people wrote about products because they liked them?
I miss those times. I look at my Instagram feed now and it's all people trying to sell me things. I just want to look at pretty pictures, read about the products that people are loving and chat with other beauty lovers. 
Now I don't know what's an ad and what isn't, the reviews aren't genuine and it's like one big ad. It's taken all the fun out of blogs and Instagram. 
I've lost my enthusiasm for Instagram lately, it feels like too much effort. It's like being back at high school when everything was a popularity contest. 
I'm trying to fill my Instagram feed with pretty pictures and posts from genuine people. If you have any suggestions please let me know.

Sunday, 18 April 2021

Thoughts of the week

1. I wonder why more men aren't speaking out about victim blaming. Maybe because it doesn't affect them? When you think about it, victim blaming is saying that men can't control themselves, therefore it's up to women to not tempt men.
I'd be pretty angry if society thought I was incapable of controlling myself. Men should be angry about that too.
2. School's back tomorrow, but Chai has a cold so I don't think he'll be going. He's not at all happy about missing his first day.
3. I never thought I'd say that Chai was upset about not going to school. How times change.
4. The weather is starting to cool down and I'm loving it. We're having gorgeous sunny days with cold mornings and night. Autumn is such a beautiful season.
5. Mecca Max have relaunched their Pout Pop listicks and there's a new sheer formula that I'm very tempted by.

Friday, 16 April 2021

FFS Friday - Pump it up

Hello Friday you beautiful thing.
I'm happy today. My Mum and Step Dad are coming down, Tiger has the weekend off and school's back next week. 
These school holidays have been rough. I'm really disappointed with how I've handled them. I wanted to do lots of fun things with the boys but that didn't happen. 
I'm really struggling with Chai at the moment. He's stimming constantly and I am not dealing with it at all. His stims are verbal so he's constantly making noises and I really, really struggle with them.
He's also been very rude and nasty. In an effort to stop that behaviour I've put strict rules in place about screen time and he's not liking it at all. Screen time is the only thing that gets a reaction from him. I can take away everything and he won't care, but take away his screen time and he hates it. 
I really don't want to be the type of parent who punishes and takes things away, but he has to learn that there are consequences for bad behaviour. Letting him get away with being awful isn't fair to him, it won't set him up for adulthood. Plus, I refuse to be abused and I refuse to watch him be awful to Eljay. It's just not okay. 
I wouldn't accept bad behaviour from a stranger so why should I accept it from my son? I won't.
The constant stimming is so difficult to deal with. I know it's something that he can't help so I don't say anything, but there have been many times this week when I've felt like I was going to lose my mind. Added to that he's also been waking us up at 4.50am, then spending the whole day complaining that he's tired. FFS.
Ah well. First world problems. Thankfully I have a coffee machine and music to get me through. 
Next holidays I'll plan what we're going to do each day instead of winging it. That'll be a lot better. 
In other exciting news, yesterday I pumped up three fit balls. It was not fun. That's around two hours of my life I'll never get back.
I bought two fit ball covers from Kmart. They're really soft and were only $5 so I thought they'd be great for the boys fit balls. The packet said they fit 65cm balls, which is what we have. 
Now, you'd think that the zip would be big enough to fit the ball wouldn't you? You'd be wrong. In order to use the cover you have to inflate the fit ball inside the cover. FFS.
I deflated both balls, pumped up Eljays then discovered that the cover wasn't tight. Not even close to being tight. It might be tight on a 85 cm ball but it's extremely loose on the 65cm balls. Elay decided he didn't like the cover being loose, so we had to deflate his ball to get it out again. 
Next up was Chais ball. He was sure his ball was bigger however once I'd pumped it up we discovered his ball was also 65cms so the cover was loose. Thankfully that didn't worry him. 
Then I had to re-inflate Eljays ball. Fun times. 
At least it gave me a good arm workout.  

Have a wonderful weekend beautiful people. 


Tuesday, 13 April 2021

Bobbi Brown


Who else loves Bobbi Brown products? I've used and loved them for around twenty years now. The great thing about Bobbi's products is that they are consistently good. The quality doesn't change, the formulas don't change, they're just brilliant all the time. 
My first Bobbi Brown product was the Corrector. It was the first concealer that didn't crease on me. Ever. It's still one of the few concealers that don't make me look 90. 
Next up I tried the gel eyeliner. I bought the eye liner brush too and it's still going strong twenty years later. 
The gel eyeliner is brilliant, it stays put through almost everything. It's the only gel eyeliner I use.
The eye shadow sticks are a firm favourite. Like the Corrector, they stay put and don't crease.
I like the powder eyeshadows but don't use them very often as I find the shadow sticks are quicker. If I had more time in the mornings I'd use the powder shadows as they are great quality. 
If you haven't tried the Crushed lip range, you're really missing out. 
The Crushed Lip Colour is a lipstick that has a very unique texture. It feels like a weightless, super hydrating balm, whilst giving opaque colour. One layer gives a light, barely there colour, two layers gives long lasting, bold colour.  The formula is quite similar to the MAC Powder Kiss formula, so if you like that then you'll loved the Crushed Lip Colour.
I don't normally like liquid lipsticks but the Crushed Liquid Lip is really nice. It's long lasting, hydrating and very comfortable. It doesn't dry down so will leave marks on your cup, but the colour lasts around six hours before fading and leaving a nice tint behind.
Crushed Oil Infused Gloss is easily my favourite of the lot. It feels like I'm wearing a lip balm but looks like I have lipstick with gloss over the top. The colours are opaque and so pretty.
Bobbi Brown have also recently released the Crushed Shine Jelly Sticks that I really want to try.
Bobbi Brown products are such great, reliable products, the go to when you're after a natural, polished look.
 What's your favourite Bobbi Brown product?

Sunday, 11 April 2021

Thoughts of the week

1. This week I was reading an article about Sam Stosur coming out. It really shits me that coming out is still such a big deal. It shouldn't be. Who someone loves is of no consequence to anyone else and they shouldn't be judged for who they love.
2. Having said that, I've also been horrified to hear from the boys that gay is still used as an insult. I'd thought we'd moved past that but clearly we haven't. I've told my boys that we can't control who we love and being gay is totally fine.
3. Eljay lost his third tooth on Thursday and now he has a gap. It's the first time we've had a tooth gap with either boy. Previously their new teeth were fully grown before the baby one fell out. 
He looks so cute with his gappy smile.
4. Chai has been a monster these school holidays. I have no idea why but it hasn't been fun.
5. Vale Prince Philip.