Monday, 16 October 2017

The Natural Deodorant Edit

I've been searching for an effective, natural deodorant for over six years now. Whilst there are plenty of natural deodorants, there aren't many that are bicarb free and effective for sensitive skinned people like me. After trying a whole heap (I'd guess at least fifty) of natural deodorants, I've narrowed it down to the best three.

My conditions for the perfect natural deodorant are:
it doesn't irritate my pits, 
it has to be effective in summer, 
I don't need to reapply it through the day.

Bonus points for products that are reasonably priced, made in Australia and easy to get hold of.

Without further ado, I present you the best natural deodorants available in Australia. 

Alcome Co
Finding a new Australian brand is always exciting. Initially I started using the Alcome Co charcoal toothpaste then tried out their Bearly There deodorant. They're both lovely. Alcome Co products are made in Adelaide using fresh, plant based formulas. Their packaging is fully recyclable/reusable and they also offer a refill option.

Bearly There is natural, organic, vegan and bicarb free. Being a deodorant cream it's soft, easy to use and feels lovely on my skin. The scent is a beautiful mix of rose, sandalwood and vanilla that would make a gorgeous perfume. Once applied the scent fades and is undetectable, meaning this would also be suitable for men.

If you are after a soothing deodorant for irritated skin, this is the one for you. A 15ml tin costs $7 and a 60 gram pot costs $16.

I'd almost given up on finding a natural deodorant that worked when I purchased the Alaffia deodorant from iHerb. It costs between $6 and $7 depending on the exchange rate, so I was willing to give it a go.

There are six fragrances available (Bergamot, Coconut, Lavender, Vetiver, Lmeongrass Tea Tree and Mandarin Ginger) however iHerb only carry four of them. They are all pleasant and I don't have a favourite fragrance. Vetiver would be more suitable for men, it smells very smokey but not in an unpleasant way.  All of the frangrances are subtle and I can't smell them once applied, so they'd really all be suitable for everyone, it just depends on your preferences. 

The first few sticks I used were quite soft so I used them up quickly, however the ones that I have now are a lot firmer so will last longer. Whilst the price is cheaper than my other favourite deodorants, a 75 gram stick is used up a lot quicker, so they probably work out the same in terms of value for money.

If you are after a deodorant that's easy to apply or toss in your bag, this is the one you're after. I purchase four at a time from iHerb.

The Physic Garden
I was lucky enough to test out the Physic Garden Sensitive Deodorant before it was available to the public and I fell instantly in love with it. The Physic Garden products are 100% natural, vegan and naturopathically formulated in Melbourne by Charelle who is an all round awesome person.

Their deodorant comes in a glass jar with a tin lid making it zero waste. The one I have is an older one which is why it has a plastic lid. 

If you are after a fragrance free deodorant that leaves you feeling dry all day, this is the one for you. Due to being fragrance free it's unisex. As with most balms like this, you only need to use a pea sized amount for each armpit, so it's great value for money. 

The Physic Garden Sensitive Deodorant is available in three sizes. 16 grams (perfect for travel) costs $7.95, 28 grams costs $10.95 and 60 grams costs $14.95.  

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