Friday, 9 September 2016

FFS Friday - What emergency?

Chai didn't go to school last Tuesday. 

He had a huge meltdown in the morning because they have to do jobs at school and they're too hard. 

All I could get out of him is that he doesn't like drawing squares.


I gave him the day off and we had a nice day together. 

The whole school thing continues to be a huge concern for me. 

If I thought it'd be manageable I'd home school him, but he's so resistant to learning that I don't think it'd work.

He's just not interested. 

I try to teach him at home in fun ways but he's all about playing and moving, not about paying attention or being still.

Once again this supports my case for selling everything and running away. 

I'm strongly in favour of this option, Tiger persists on thinking that I'm joking. I'm not.

Maybe we could go live in the middle of nowhere in Alaska or something. That'd be different. 

Last Thursday I had to call Tiger at work. In three and a half years it's the first time I've had to call him at work.

He can't have his phone on him at work so in an emergency we have a list of numbers to call.

I made ten phone calls before anyone answered.

10! What a joke.

When I eventually got hold of someone I said that it was an emergency and I needed to talk to him immediately.

Half an hour later I still hadn't heard from him! 

When I finally did hear from him it was because he'd seen the messages I'd left on his tablet. 

They hadn't bothered to contact him!

He wears a radio so getting in touch with him is a simple matter of getting him on the radio. They have radio's in the vehicles, offices and most of the staff have them so there's no excuse for not getting the message to him straight away but they didn't.

I'm so, so angry. Their delay is inexcusable. It's bad enough that Tiger works away, but not being able to get hold of him in an emergency is just not good enough.        

That delay could have been the difference between him getting to see his father or not making it in time.

Thankfully he got there and it all worked out okay, no thanks to his employer. 


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