Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Dear Eljay

My baby boy. Today you are three! Three! How did that happen?

What a big year it's been. You're talking really well, you don't have any problem letting us know what you want. You had your first overseas trip and your first interstate trip.

You are a very determined, independent, strong willed little boy. You know what you want and make your displeasure very clear when you don't get it. 
You'll happily play on your own, I hear you talking or singing away to yourself, it's so cute.

Your favourite books are the Cheeky Monkey books that Aunty K gives you. You read them over and over again and study the pictures with delight. You don't get to go to school next year but you'd love to. You talk to me about going to school and tell me that I'll have no-one to help me when you're at school.

Helping is something that you love to do. If I'm vacuuming, you'll vacuum. If I'm making something, you want to help (or do it yourself). Your helping is usually you taking over and doing it yourself, you don't like me to help you do thing, "I do it!" is a commonly heard phrase in our house.

I remember your birth like it was yesterday. One part that I remember the clearest is just after you were born. I was determined to have skin on skin time with you so as soon as you came out I took my top off and demanded "Where's my baby? Give me my baby!" They did and I held you for when felt like hours. I let your Daddy cuddle you for a few minutes then made him give you back to me, I didn't want to share my precious little boy.  

Eljay, you are the light of my life and the sunshine in my days. I'm so glad you chose me to be your mother.    

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