Wednesday, 1 June 2016

How to create a lip product wardrobe

Recently when I was playing around in my lipstick stash I got thinking about what would be my ideal lip product collection size. Clearly it'd be way, way less than I have now! Years ago I had two glosses and one lipstick. All of them I wore until they were empty and then replaced them. Those were the days. Whilst I don't want to go back to those days, I do want to significantly reduce the size of my collection. Here's what I think it'd look like:

Bold red - I'd have this in a matte, crayon and sheer formula. I wouldn't bother with cream, I like my red to be either sheer or bullet proof.

Bright statement lip - for me that's pink, for others it might be coral or orange. As with the red, I'd have this in a matte finish and a crayon because they're easy to carry around.

Winter shade - Burgundy, maroon, plum etc. In a matte, crayon and sheer formula.

Something different such as purple, blue, green or whatever takes your fancy. - Whilst I love the look of blue/green/grey lips, it's not something I'd choose so I'd go for a matte purple.

Nude - The right nude is hard to find. When you do find it, buy two. If you can find it in different formulas, buy two of them also.

Everyday colour which for me a mlbb pinky mauve. I'd probably have two or three of these because it's what I reach for most often. I'd choose pinks, mauves and lavenders.

I'd have a gloss in each of the shades listed above other than bright and a clear gloss.

For lip balms I think 10 regular ones and five tinted balms.  

All up that comes to around twenty lipsticks, six glosses and fifteen lip balms.

What do you think? Have you created a lip product wardrobe? What's your ideal lip collection size?

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