Friday, 20 December 2013

FFS Friday - Poo face

Friday is here again. I had a mini panic on Tuesday thinking I hadn't done my FFS Friday post, then I realised it was only Tuesday. FFS.

The BIL and SIL came down last weekend. They didn't bother to let me know they were coming until a few hours before they arrived. FFS.

BIL kept on calling Eljay Eliza. FFS.

I have two problems with this. Firstly, his name is not Eliza. Secondly, he is not a girl. FFS.

Tuesday morning was fly in day. Not FFS.

The last few days before Tiger comes home are always tough. I've had enough, Chai has enough and we are both short tempered and grumpy. FFS.

Tuesday Chai had a tantrum because I wouldn't put his tv show on. FFS.

I wouldn't put it on because he wouldn't tell me what he wanted to watch. FFS.

When I asked him what he wanted to watch he said yes, something or show. FFS.

And was then annoyed when I put the wrong show on. FFS.

I called Tiger and he told him straight away that he wanted to watch Cars. FFS. 

Wednesday was even worse. I contaminated myself with poo face. FFS.

We all know there are strict rules for washing oneself in the shower. The face must be washed before the nether regions to avoid contaminating the face with poo germs.

I was following protocol and having washed my face went on to wash my nether regions (never thought I'd get to use that phrase twice in one post, yay!) I washed them and went on to thoroughly wash my poo hands before continuing my shower. I'd bought a new pump style shower gel the day before so was trying unsuccessfully to get some shower gel out. I realised the pump wasn't going to work so put the shower gel on the floor outside the shower when suddenly my nose got itchy, so I scratched it!!! FFS.

I know! I can hear you all gasping with horror! Without even thinking I'd contaminated my face with poo germs! I quickly realised my error but by that time it was too late, the deed had been done and my poor face was contaminated. FFS.

Even though I quickly washed my hands and then washed my face several times, I don't think my poor face will ever recover from being contaminated with poo germs. It's a tragedy. FFS. 

I would continue, but really, it can't get any worse than poo face.

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