Friday, 22 January 2010

Diorshow Iconic Mascara

I got a small sized Diorshow Iconic somehow (don't remember if it was with a magazine or a free sample). Anyhow, I've been using it for the last three months and was rather sad to see it go, although not sad enough that I'd go out and buy it. 

Dior says: Inspired by professional catwalk techniques and Dior couture expertise,the new Diorshow Iconic mascara is definitely innovative, offering a spectacular lash curling effect.

A Dior exclusive innovation for a revolutionary oblique brush.The incredibly soft elastomer brush features slanted bristles to capture each lash one by one.

The patented angled brush is replicating emblematic couture techniques:
oblique lines and the bias cut, an art of fabric cutting that magnifies curves and amplifies spread. In one quick stroke, with no special application method necessary, the brush acts like a brushing on lashes.

Enriched with a unique lifting formula, Diorshow Iconic sculpts, stretches and curves the lashes with extreme hold and high definition.
I don't find that Iconic gives me any long lasting curling effects. It makes my lashes look long and full but the curling effect goes away after about ten minutes. The curl that you can see in the top picture is how my lashes look straight after I've applied Iconic. Aside from the lack of long term curling it's a nice mascara. It lasts all day without smudging or flaking and gives me lush looking lashes.
Would I buy it? No. It's a nice mascara but there are cheaper ones that do just as good a job.


  1. Your lashes looking stunning Glossy! And I need to know - what eyeshadow are you wearing?? It looks lovely!xx

  2. Thanks gorgeous. The eyeshadow is Korres Shimmering Eyeshadow Base 12S. It's a gorgeous colour xx

  3. your eyes are beautiful!!!!

    Those were my thoughts on they diorshow mascara as well. I've read tons of GREAT reviews on it, I tried it at work and thought it wasn't that special. my cheaper mascaras did equally well, i couldn't really tell the difference

  4. I really wanted to try this but now i don't think i will bother if it just as good as cheaper ones!! I might still be tempted in duty free tough :D x

  5. Darling, you have gorgeous eyes!

  6. Thanks GQ - I'll have to put that on my wish list! Gotta love Korres!xx


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