Sunday, 10 April 2022

Thoughts of the week

1. It's school holidays! We get a break from having to be up and out of the house first thing in the morning. I get a break from having to be organised. 
Chai is happy about the holidays, Eljay is not. He'd much rather be at school.
2. We still don't have Lancome Juicy Tubes in Australia. I messaged Lancome last year and they said we'd have them by the middle of the year. Nearly 12 months later we still don't have them.
3. I've found a job that I really, really want. There are two problems. It's full time and it's based in the city. I wish that everything wasn't based around the capital city. I don't understand why more organisations don't branch out to the regions. Land and rent is cheaper and the workforce is available.
4. Bon Maxie have released a phone wallet. It sold out within hours of it's launch. I want one. I've decided it's going to be my birthday present. Hopefully they'll be back in stock before June.
5. That's all I've got.

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