Friday, 18 February 2022

FFS Friday - Strike

Hello beautiful people. How are you all? I am melting. After two very mild summers we're having a hot summer and I'm just not here for it. 
The upside of the horribly warm weather is that I haven't been doing much. When it's hot I sit on the couch and refuse to move because it's too hot. I've read so many books, it's been wonderful. Two more books until I've finished the whole Virgin River series. 
Remember how I went on strike years ago? I'm still on strike. The house is a mess and I'm not cleaning it.
I've now extended the strike and refuse to use the outside clothesline. Let me explain.
Our clothesline was out the back/side of our house in an area that Tiger does not look after at all. In summer it gets really hot, it's all overgrown with weeds, has an ant problem and is just horrible. I'm sure wild beasts live out there too. I refused to use that line because I didn't want to be attacked by a wild animal, so Tiger put a rope line under the back patio. I've been using it for years.
At the end of last year Tiger decided the rope clothesline needed to go as it was in the way of his home gym. This is the home gym that he used during lockdown back in March 2020 and has not touched since.
Without consulting me he moved the side/back clothesline from the wild jungle and put it at the side of the house so that I could use it. Then he removed the rope clothesline.
The first time I went to hang the washing out I discovered I couldn't even reach the line because it was too high. Tiger didn't believe me (I know, wtf?) so I demonstrated to him that even standing on my tippy toes I could barely reach the line. 
Without measuring he moved it down, but it's still too high. I can reach it when I stand on my tippy toes, but hanging out the washing now hurts my neck and shoulder. 
I've persevered with it until Wednesday when I had enough and the clothesline strike commenced. I'm not using that stupid outside clothes line until it's low enough for me to reach it without injuring myself. 
For the time being I'm hanging our washing on clothes airers in the lounge room.  How long do you think it's going to be until the clothes line situation is resolved? I'm not holding my breath. Maybe I should refuse to hang out or bring in any washing and make Tiger do it all. Hmm, good idea.
 Have a good weekend lovelies.

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