Tuesday, 18 May 2021

Glamourflage Caviar Eye Cream and Essence



If you haven't heard of Glamourflage Skincare you're missing out. They have a gorgeous range of luxe, vintage looking skin care. They're the type of products that I'd buy just because they look pretty sitting on my bathroom counter. 
Luckily, the products work well too. 

Glamourflage recently released a Caviar eye range and I was sent two of the products to review. I received the Caviar Illuminating Eye Cream and Caviar Eye Essence. 
Caviar Illuminating Eye Cream contains caviar extract, caffeine and niacinamide which improve radiance and lighten dark circles.
Caviar Eye Essence contains caviar extract, peptides and yeast extract to moisturise, rejuvenate and improve the absorption of other products.

Whilst both products can be used alone, I like to use them together. I use the Eye Essence first followed by the Eye Cream.
In summer I used the Eye Essence in the morning and Eye Cream at night. Now the weather has cooled down I use them both together morning and night. 
I like that the Eye Essence is very light. It absorbs quickly so is perfect for when I'm in a rush and hot days when I don't want to use heavy creams on my face. 
The Eye Cream is hydrating, soothing and illuminating. It only takes a few minutes to absorb and has a noticeable plumping effect. 
I've been using both products for over three months now and can happily say that they work! My dark circles are lighter and my fine lines are less noticeable. 
Immediately after application my eyes look brighter and more illuminated, as if I'd had a good nights sleep (it's been years since I had a good nights sleep).  
With both of these a little lasts a long time, I'm not even a quarter of a way through either of them despite twice daily use. 


Caviar Eye Essence costs $58 for a 20ml bottle. 
Caviar Eye Cream costs $52 for a 15ml pot. 
You can purchase Glamourflage skin care from their website and selected stockists.

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