Friday, 21 May 2021

FFS Friday - Stop.

Last weekend Tiger and I went out. It's the first time I've been in a pub at night time since before I had Chai. I haven't missed it.
We went out with his workmates, it was a get together for all the management and their partners. 
We had a good time and it was lovely to meet his workmates and their partners. As it got dark and the other patrons (not the people we were with) got more intoxicated I started to feel quite uncomfortable. Being in a crowded room full of drunk people is not my scene. I was driving so didn't drink. I know I could probably have had a few drinks and still been okay to drive but it's just not a risk I'll take. If I'm driving I will not drink any alcohol. Tiger and I left around 6pm and went home to our babies.
The next day we got a phone call. One of Tigers workmates was in an induced coma and not going to make it. He'd got into a fight as they were going home.
I don't know the details of what happened as I wasn't there, but I do know this.
Two men got into a fight. One man is dead, the other is facing a lengthy jail sentence.
In situations like these no one wins. On man has lost his life, his family and friends will mourn him for the rest of their days. Another man is facing a jail sentence, he, his family and friends will also have to live with this for the rest of their days. For what? Whatever started the fight I'm sure it wasn't worth the loss of life. It's stupid, senseless violence and in needs to stop. 
Men, please stop killing people! Stop the violence, stop the aggression, stop killing people! 
What's going on in society that is causing our men to be so stupidly aggressive? It scares me. Violence doesn't help. It doesn't solve any problems, it only makes things worse. 
The only way this will stop is if men make a stand. Men are the ones who need to tell each other that violence is not okay. We need to teach our boys that violence is not okay and to speak out against it. 
If something upsets you, fighting will not help. If someone says something rude to you or your partner, so what? Is it worth dying for? Think about the consequences of mindless, unnecessary violence. It's just not worth it. 
Men, we love you, but please stop killing people. 

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