Friday, 28 May 2021

FFS Friday - Not so fast

Hmm. I'm not sure what to complain about today. How is that possible? I have plenty of complaint worthy issues, they've just all fled from my brain.

Tiger has the day off today, he's very excited. If only I got days off, how lovely that would be.
I'm thinking that I probably won't take the job I've been offered. Even though I know it's crazy to turn it down because it's the ideal job, I just can't see it working. I can't see how I'll manage to fit everything that I need to do into an hour an a half a day. There's still a lot that I need to get done around the house which won't get done if I'm working. 
Our house is a horrible cluttered mess and I hate it. Looking at it causes me stress. When Tiger was working away and the kids were homeschooling I quickly realised that I couldn't have a tidy house as well as everything else I had to do. As a result, we've had a horrible cluttered house for years now. There's no storage space so I can't throw everything in a cupboard out of sight.
Now that the boys are at school and I've nearly got NDIS and services sorted for Chai, I was planning to start decluttering. 
I can't declutter when the boys are home. I've tried but it just doesn't work. Same with Tiger. They want to play with everything I pull out or they don't want to let it go. I need to be home alone to successfully declutter. 
If the job was two or three days a week I'd give it a go, but four days a week is too much. The money would be really, really helpful but I'm not sure the extra stress and pressure that I'd be under would be worth it. 
I'll give myself a bit more time to think about it before I make a final decision, but at the moment I'm leaning towards no.  
Oh! I just thought of something that's annoying me! I ordered my bff's birthday present from Mecca on Tuesday morning. I usually get my Mecca order within two days. Her birthday is tomorrow so that's plenty of time.  Not this time.
Her present has been sitting at the Perth airport since 6.44am Wednesday. FFS. 
I can drive to Perth and back in four hours. 
Now I have nothing to give her tomorrow. FFS. 
Have a wonderful weekend beautiful people. 

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