Friday, 26 March 2021

FFS Friday - Really?

Hello Friday!
How are you all?
It's been a very, very rough week here. I have barely survived. I may not survive the weekend.
There has been some good news though. I did not break my foot. Last week I twisted my good ankle (which used to be my bad ankle, until my good ankle decided to tear two ligaments so became known as the bad ankle, therefore promoting my bad ankle to good ankle status). 
So, I twisted my good ankle and in doing so smashed the top of my foot into a concrete ledge. As per usual I decided "she'll be right mate" so ignored it for a few days until my foot declared that it no longer wished to be ignored so got my attention by being increasingly painful and expanding the hard, lumpy bruise.
Thankfully x-rays showed it was just being a drama queen so I'm now back to ignoring my very sore bruised foot. Good times.
Who else can't read the news without wanting to scream at someone at the moment? Same.
Is it so difficult just to be nice?
Clearly it is. 
I really admire the strength and grace of all the women who are coming forward and doing their best to fight the patriarchy. They are so courageous. It's disappointing to see other women trying to tear them down and discredit them. Women need to stick together. The sooner we stop fighting amongst ourselves the sooner things will change. 
That's my TED talk for the day. 
Have a beautiful weekend.

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