Tuesday, 23 February 2021

My MAC lipstick collection

Last week I was chatting with the gorgeous Lauren (aka the girl who loves cosmetics) about our favourite MAC lipsticks. Lauren has a gorgeous collection. Since we have similar colouring, I took some pictures of my collection to show her. I'm sure there are some of you who might also be interested, so here's my current collection.
I had to get rid of my beloved Bare Venus. After many years it's finally gone off. I've kept it so that I can get the shade duplicated as it's the only nude lipstick that doesn't make me look like a cadaver. 
Aren't they cute? The little shopping trolley is from the kids stationery section of Kmart. 

Front row: Pink Plaid, Chatterbox, Midimauve.
Middle row: Ripened, Brave, Lovelorn, Pure Nonchalance, Syrup.
Back row: Mehr, Please Me, Plumful, Creme Cup, Up The Amp, Fast Play.


Top to bottom: Pink Plaid, Chatterbox, Midimauve.

Top to bottom: Ripened, Brave, Lovelorn, Pure Nonchalance, Syrup.

Top to bottom: Mehr, Please Me, Plumful, Creme Cup, Up The Amp, Fast Play.
Out of the whole collection my favourites are Syrup, Ripened and Pure Nonchalance. They're all cool pinky lavender shades that look very natural on me. Syrup is one of the few lipsticks that I've used up and repurchased, this is my third tube.
The Powder Kiss formula is one of my all time favourite lipstick formulas. It's light, balmy and matte. Those three things don't sound like they go together, but MAC have performed some sort of magic.. If you like the Bobbi Brown Crushed formula then you'll love the Powder Kiss lipsticks.
I'd really like to get several more shades however the last thing I need is more lipstick and I'm trying to go cruelty free, so I'm staying strong.  

Have you tried the Powder Kiss lipsticks? What's your favourite lipstick formula?

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