Tuesday, 16 February 2021

Kosas Sport Chemistry AHA Serum Deodorant

What a ridiculous name for a deodorant. I suppose they're trying to make it sound like skin care. Who wants a serum for their arm pits? I certainly don't. Kosas claim that this will brighten my arm pits, another thing I'm not interested in. Really, how often do you stand around with your arm above your head so your pits are visible? It's not something I do.
Here's a few more of their ridiculous claims about the Chemistry Deodorant:
The gentle exfoliating properties from shikmic, mandelic and lactic acids fade the discolouration that occurs in the underarms, leaving them brighter and firmer. Plus, the formula is bound by hyaluronic acid to ensure that your skin is hydrated and plumped when applying.
I can happily tell you that those claims are ridiculous. My pits are not brighter, firmer, hydrated or plumped. 
Kosas' ridiculous marketing really annoys me, it's almost enough to put me off the brand. I don't know anyone who wants brighter, firmer, hydrated and plump arm pits. Maybe some people do, who knows?
Stupid claims aside, this is a really lovely deodorant. It's bi-carb free so doesn't irritate my sensitive pits and keeps me odour free through my ultimate test, a sweaty gym session. 
I really like that the tube has a roller ball applicator, that's one of my bug bears with natural deodorants, I don't like having to dip my finger in and rub it under my arm. The roller ball is a much better option. 
The tube is soft so I can squeeze it to get more product out. I have the Serene Clean scent, which is very light and fresh, I can barely smell the fragrance.
At $24 it's on the higher end price wise, but the tube lasts months so I think it's worth it. 
I purchased my Chemistry AHA Serum Deodorant from Mecca.

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