Friday, 12 February 2021

FFS Friday - Really?

Hello beautiful people. How are you all? Did you have a good week?
This was my babies first week back at school. 
They've both had a bit of trouble settling in. Eljay is fine once he's there but struggles saying goodbye to me. He has two teachers and they're both lovely and nurturing so that's good. 
Chai has loved school but he struggles with his interpersonal relationship, he takes things way too seriously and gets upset over very minor issues. 
Wednesday he came home from school super upset. He managed to hold it together until he got in the car, then he let loose and yell cried the whole way home. It took me 1 1/2 hours to get him to stop crying and he was upset the rest of the evening. I felt like I deserved a medal after getting through that. 
Mrs B, how are you? I trust you are well. I have some Tiger stories for you. I swear he's either getting stranger in his old age or I'm getting less tolerant. Probably both. 
He's always been a fan of stupid questions but the last few weeks he's really ramped up his efforts. He's asking me really, really dumb, lazy questions. 
Here's a few examples:
Standing in the kitchen, from where he can see the pool "How's the pool looking?" to which I replied "Take a look."
Really, did he expect me to look at the pool and then tell him what it looked like when he could have just moved his head a little bit and seen for himself?
When I'm sitting in the lounge, still in my pj's and not having gone outside;
Tiger: What's it like outside?
Me: Do I look like a weatherman?

At the dinner table, looking at the meal I've placed in front of him "Are we having curry tonight?" to which I replied "No, I made it for the dog, can you give it to her please."

What's with that? What's the point of asking such stupid questions? Maybe he's just getting lazy as he gets older? He knows I'm not going to give a proper answer when he asks me something dumb, so why bother? Maybe he just likes the sound of his voice? I don't know. At least it gives me a chance to perfect my witty replies, I'm getting really good. 

Have a great weekend beautiful people.

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