Tuesday, 24 November 2020

Tatcha Pure and Glowing Trio first impressions

A little while ago I was chatting with one of my friends about skin care and she told me that she loves all of her skin care. I do not love mine. 
Not long after that discussion she very generously sent me the beautiful Tatcha Pure and Glowing Trio and I'm in love. 
I now understand what she means when she says she loves her skin care. Some products are just a total joy to use.
Firstly, look how beautiful they are! Clearly a lot of thought went into the packaging. That gold part on top of the moisturiser is a spoon! What a great idea. 

Whilst it's early days, I am loving using these beautiful Tatcha products. They're a joy to use and my skin feels very soft and smooth after I've used them. I'm really keen to pare down my skin care stash then explore more of the Tatcha range!

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