Friday, 6 November 2020

FFS Friday - Valuable

Happy Friday beautiful people.

I have good news. We got a paediatrician appointment for Chai! Next week! Finally.

So, you'd think I'd be happy about this. I am. What I'm not happy about is how we got the appointment.

I've been calling the Paediatricians office since the middle of September. I've told them that Chai is getting worse,we aren't coping and we really need help. I've called eight times. Each time I've got nowhere, they've told me that I'll hear something soon and just have to wait. 

Tuesday I got Tiger to call. I told him what to say, he called and was given an appointment straight away. Awesome. But here's what shits me. Why is it that when the Mum says she isn't coping nothing happens, yet when the Dad says we aren't coping people believe him?

The Mum says she isn't coping and it's her fault, she just can't handle being a Mum, or she needs to learn how to look after her child better, she doesn't discipline enough etc.

The Dad says he isn't coping and everyone jumps. Tiger didn't say anything that I hadn't already said and yet he was offered help and I wasn't.

Why are women undervalued so much? I'm willing to bet that most Mums cope with the kids better than the father does. In most cases Mums would be more in tune with the kids and more aware of what's going on with them, therefore their opinion should hold more weight than the Dads, however that's not how it works. 

 Also, why would a Mum lie and say she wasn't coping? It's a huge thing for a Mum to admit that she's not coping, not coping is generally seen as a weakness, so if a Mum says that she's not coping everyone should be jumping to help not judging. 

As a society we just don't value women and mothers. It's one of our major societal flaws. When we start valuing women and mothers the world will be a much better place.  

To all you beautiful women out there, never forget that despite what society tries to tell you, you matter, you are valuable and you are worthy.  

Have a great weekend beauties.

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