Friday, 27 November 2020

FFS Friday - Profound

Warning: This post contains a lot of profanity, if you don't like swearing please stop reading now.
I believe that the one thing in life I have control over is my attitude. I can choose to be positive or negative, happy or sad etc. I choose to be happy and positive.
To my horror Chai has started swearing. Nothing I do stops him. I'm sure he was sent to me to teach me to be non judgemental. In the past I would have thought a swearing child was a reflection of their parents, I now know this isn't true. 
He's also started having raging tantrums, which the paediatrician has told me are another form of meltdown. FML.
The tantrums are happening most days and they're awful, but at the same time they can be highly amusing because he is trying his best to swear but he gets it so very wrong.
Monday he was having a huge meltdown. He was really upset and I was trying to calm him down until he screamed at me "I'm sick of this shitting fuck, I won't do this fuck any more. I've done it every fuck day, I'm not doing this shitting fuck again fuck."
At this point I had to stop trying to calm him down and walk away so that he didn't see me laughing. It was just so funny. Instead of being upset I spent the rest of the day laughing about shitting fuck. It's my new favourite swear word.
Wednesday was another meltdown. He started swearing before we even got out of bed. Sigh. 
It's exhausting, but I'm not focusing on that. Instead I'll focus on the next pearler he came out with. Eljay annoyed him so he screamed at him "You're a horrible shit asshole!" 
It's not quite as good as shitting fuck but it's still funny.
Dealing with Chai is exhausting. It's the most difficult part of my life and I really have no idea how I can do better. At the moment all I can do is keep plodding along, be relieved that I get a break whilst he's at school and hope that one day life will get easier. 
In the meantime I'm going to do my best to ignore the shitting fuck negative and focus on the positive. 

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