Friday, 20 November 2020

FFS Friday - The car

Happy Friday beauties.
I really don't understand some people. 
Last week I went to a meeting at Chai's school. It was about a free program that they're running for some of the children to help them better understand and control their feelings. 
This course is normally only run privately and usually costs at least $800. 
Some of the parents were there to decide if they're going to allow their child to do the course. WTF?  
That makes no sense to me. It's free, it's run by the school during school hours and requires minimal input from the parent. In fact, if you wanted to you could do nothing and that would be okay, so why wouldn't you let your child do the course?
I just don't get it. 
I'll take all the help I can get. If it changes Chai's behaviour and makes things easier for us at home, count me in.
Anyhow, enough about strange people, I need to tell you about my car. 
I've had my car for nine years, I got it a month before I had Chai. It's a station wagon which was perfect for when the boys were little and I was carting around a pram, scooters, bikes etc.
A few months ago Tiger and I started talking about selling my car next year and using the money to pay off two credit cards. The plan was to get a cheap car for him to drive to work and I'd drive his car. I wasn't overly happy about this because he has a big 4wd which I really didn't want to drive around, however I figured paying off two credit cards was more important than my desire to keep my car. 
Tiger mentioned to his parents that we were thinking of selling my car next year and they decided they wanted to buy it. Not content to wait until next year they started putting a lot of pressure on Tiger to sell my car to them. Every time he spoke to them they'd mention buying my car. 
They both said that they didn't want to pressure us to sell it, however that's exactly what they were doing!  I started to get quite annoyed about the whole thing, I didn't want to sell my car at all and here they were putting pressure on Tiger to sell it. They even tried to guilt him into it by saying that their car wasn't reliable, it was too difficult for MIL to get the wheelchair and walker into it, etc. 

I told Tiger he should help them to find a good car however they just wanted mine. 

To my great annoyance Tiger gave in to the pressure and started looking for another car. it was right in the midst of when the boys were starting school and I just couldn't deal with the extra stress.
He found a cute little VW. It's a very cute, zippy little thing. After he'd purchased it, I decided it was going to be mine. Tiger wanted it for his work car, however since he'd sold my car it was only fair that I got to choose which car I wanted and I didn't want to drive his big 4wd, so I took the little car. 
The next weekend Tigers parents came down to pick up my car. MIL took one look at it, said that it's bigger than she realised and that she wasn't sure if she'd be able to drive it. FFS.
By that time it was way too late, we'd already purchased another car. Plus, I've had that car for nine years, it's not like she hasn't seen it hundreds of times. She took the car for a drive and still didn't think she could drive it, but that was just tough luck. 
It's been over four weeks now and MIL is still trying to figure out how to turn on the lights, wipers etc (even though the controls are in exactly the same place as they were on her old car), but she now loves the car so that's good.
I love my new car, it's zippy and fun and it makes me feel lighter. Sounds silly but this car is for me and I like that. My old car was for the kids, this car is for me.

(Note: at any time if I'd said no to selling my car, it wouldn't have been sold, I just like to rub it in to Tiger by saying that he sold my car.)

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