Sunday, 27 September 2020

Thoughts of the week

1. So Bradley Edwards is the Clarement serial killer. He was found guilty this week. The families must be so relieved. I really feel for the family of Sarah Spiers. I hope they get some closure soon.

2. Carmex have a shop now and you can buy Carmex merch. I'm so tempted. If they had free shipping I'd definitely purchase, but you have to spend over $50 for free shipping and I don't want $50 worth of products.

3. I've been doing the 7 lippies in 7 days challenge on Instagram this week and it's been so much fun.

4. The 7 lippies in 7 days challenge has made me realise that I'd like to start changing up my look. I've been so short on time and focused on using things up that I haven't been playing around with make-up and I really miss it. 

5. Has anyone tried the new Clarins Lip Milky Mousse? It looks really interesting.

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