Saturday, 19 September 2020

Saturday Stories - Who Cares?

Following on from last weeks Saturday Stories, here's another topic that's closely related.

One of my favourite sayings is "what other people think of me is neither my business or my concern."

It's a good saying to remember when the opinions of others are upsetting me. So often people try to make us feel bad by being judgemental or sharing their opinion of us. 

It's also a classic bully move. Bullies rely on us caring about and valuing their opinion. When their opinion is no longer relevant then their ability to upset us is gone.

Last week a kid told Chai that he's fat and he has boobs (he isn't fat and doesn't have boobs). We've had several discussions about it.
I remind the boys that hurt people hurt people so we should feel sorry for bullies because they're obviously unhappy.
I also tell them that as long as they know themselves the opinion of others doesn't matter. So this kid called him fat, so what? Who cares what that kid thinks?

When people are being judgemental towards me I remind myself that their opinion doesn't matter.

If someone likes me that's great. If they don't like me that's great too.

As long as I like me, everyone else is irrelevant. 

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