Tuesday, 22 September 2020

New goodies from Burt's Bees

I haven't done a haul post for a while now, mainly because I haven't been buying anything.

I did pick up a few new goodies from Burt's Bees and one replacement. I haven't fully test them out yet, so a full review will be coming once I've given everything a good go.

The Sweet Mandarin lip balm has been on Chemist Warehouse for a few months now but it's only available in store. It's so mean when they do that, if it's not available to purchase online they shouldn't tease me by having it online. I was so excited when I saw that it was available at Big W.

The Mango balm is a replacement, it's one of my favourite balms but I've had trouble finding it the last few months. I should have purchased two of them.

There was also a hemp hand cream and hemp moisturiser that I was very tempted to get but didn't because I don't need them.

Just a hint for those of you who shop at Big W. I'll go in to the store and the products I want won't be on the shelf, yet I do a click and collect order and they're available. That's what I do now, I purchase all my products via click and collect. They're usually available within a few hours of me placing the order and it's so quick and easy.

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