Friday, 4 September 2020

FFS Friday

Hello beautiful people. It's Friday and I don't know what to complain about. Hmm. That's a bit sad. 

Tiger has been off sick this week. He's not one of those pathetic man flu people, he's annoying in another way. 
He won't rest. He wants to get up and do things instead of staying warm and resting. 

When I say do things, I don't mean doing anything helpful, I mean go out shopping or to a cafe. FFS.

I wouldn't mind if he did useful things, but shopping is not useful, it's expensive and unnecessary.

We've had a disaster here today. We ran out of milk so I can't have my second coffee. I can't believe I allowed this to happen. I went shopping yesterday and didn't get milk. That evening I realised we were nearly out of milk but we had enough for our morning coffee so I wasn't too fussed. 

This morning Tiger made the coffee so I wasn't reminded that we needed more milk. It was only when I went to make our second coffee that Tiger informed me we were out of milk. Disaster. 

I have no idea how I'm expected to function without my second coffee. It's inhumane. 

I'm amazed at the different items which have become difficult to get since covid. It' just shows how much we rely on China. I'm hoping that will change now that the world has realised we can't always rely on China.

The shelves of Kmart, Big W and Target are almost bare and online isn't much better. 

Guess what I'm having trouble getting hold of now? Clothes for the boys. I've been trying to purchase plain black tracksuit pants and jumpers, it's been almost impossible. 

Imagine if we bought manufacturing back to Australia. It'd be great for the economy, create plenty of jobs and we wouldn't have to worry about running out of things due to a global pandemic. 

I would write more but my brain doesn't work due to lack of coffee. 

Have a beautiful weekend.

Hi Mrs B. I hope you've had a good week.

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