Friday, 18 September 2020

FFS Friday - Darted

Hello beautiful people. How are you all?

Today I've got a hot tip for you all on how to waste $50.

A few weeks ago my printer stopped working. It'd feed the paper in, start to print then stop and tell me there was no paper.

I checked it out, opened the lid, made sure there was nothing stuck inside it, tipped it upside down and gave it a shake. Didn't help. I turned it off and unplugged it, still wouldn't work. I left it for a few days, it still didn't work.

Thankfully it was under warranty so I took it in to be repaired. The service people weren't there.
I took it back in the next day and they told me they wouldn't get it it until the end of the week.
They also told me that if there was something stuck in there then it'd cost me $50. I asked if you'd be able to see if there was something stuck in there and he said that you usually can. We both had a look and couldn't see anything.

Last Saturday we were in hell (aka Timezone) when Tiger got a phone call. Good news, the printer was fixed.
Bad news, it was going to cost us $50.

Guess what was stuck in the printer?


The boys had been having a nerf battle and somehow managed to get a dart wedged right down inside the printer. FFS.

So not only did we waste $100 at Timezone that day, we also wasted $50 to get our printer fixed. FFS.

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