Sunday, 14 June 2020

Thoughts of the week

1. Here in Western Australia the libraries have re-opened and I'm thrilled. I don't mind reading books online but much prefer holding a book in my hands. The boys have really missed the library too.

2. Chai has only had four lessons with his tutor and already his reading and writing is so much better. It's amazing how quickly children thrive when they're taught the right way. If all children were taught to read and write as if they were dyslexic there would be very few children with literacy issues.

3. I've totally lost my motivation the last few weeks. If anyone sees it, can you please send it back to me?

4. Who's bought something fun lately? My shopping mojo has gone too. I think it ran away with my motivation.

5. Selling Sunset Season 2 is on Netflix. I watch it whilst I'm at the gym. The houses are amazing but I don't understand why the women are so nasty to each other.

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