Sunday, 29 March 2020

Thoughts of the week

1. Whilst the world is in lock down I just want to distract myself, so if you've got any Instagram or YouTube recommendations please let me know.

2. On Monday our gym closed. Whilst I understand and fully support the need to close, I was so sad. The gym is my only time away from the boys and it's my social life. It's one of the rare times that I get to talk to other adults and just be me. I'll really, really miss it.

3. It's so nice having my computer back. I forgot how therapeutic writing is for me.

4. Self isolation is proving to be rather difficult. Chai hates being at home all the time. Thankfully due to my ankle injury we've had quite a bit of practise as we've been stuck at home since October when I injured my ankle.

5. I'll be doing a post on my ankle surgery for anyone that's interested. I'll also post photos but will password protect them for people who don't want to see wound photos. The password will be in my blog post. 

6. Tiger lost his job on Friday. He's worked for the company for seven years and they couldn't even bother calling to tell him, they just sent an email. No idea what we're going to do now. 

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