Thursday, 26 March 2020

January empties

I'm not sure what happened but for some reason I didn't post my January empties. My February and March empties are coming next week, so this is a bonus one.

It's my first empties post for the year!  I didn't finish a heap of products but I'm happy with how I went. It's satisfying using things up. My skincare drawer is slowly emptying out, I love seeing more space in there.

Daily Naturals Moisture Intense Conditioner
I loved this conditioner and if I wasn't switching to a zero waste product I'd definitely repurchase. It was very hydrating but didn't weigh down my fine hair. 

Crabtree and Evelyn Snow Blossom Hand Cream
I love the Crabtree and Evelyn hand creams. They're easily as good as L'Occitane. Snow Blossom is a beautiful scent and one I'll purchase again.

Liloh Skincare Day Cream
If you haven't tried Liloh Skincare the travel set is the way to go. The tubes last about three weeks which is long enough to figure out if the products work for your skin. 
I loved the whole range. The day cream is great, used with the serum it's magic.
Toby and Rosie Body Lotion
I didn't mind this but didn't love it.

Nivea Soft Moisturiser
If you're after a good, basic moisturiser you can't go wrong with Nivea. It does the trick and is reasonably priced.

Kopari Coconut Oil Deodorant
It's no secret how much I love this deodorant. I've gone through numerous tubes and it'll always be in my collection.

Sukin SPF30 Sheer Touch Facial Sunscreen
I'll never understand why companies release products that stink. Surely when they're testing new products they check the smell?
If it wasn't for the horrible scent this would be a lovely sunscreen. It's light, absorbs quickly and doesn't irritate my eyes. I used it on my body as I couldn't stand the scent, it really is horrible. 
I'm hoping they fix the awful scent cause it really is a nice product. 

Tribe Skincare Repair Me Facial Oil
When my skin is sensitive Repair Me Facial Oil is magic. I need to get myself a full sized bottle to use during hayfever season when my skin hates me. 

The Beauty Chef Beauty Fix
Multi-purpose balms are my jam, I love them. Originally I purchased this as a lip balm, however I also loved it as an intensive overnight moisturiser. It's great on dry elbows too.

Meeno Organics Ylang Ylang Petitgrain Body Mousse
I am in love with the scent of this gorgeous moisturiser and wish it came as a perfume. I'm not sure if Meeno Organics still make their body mousse. It's a super rich moisturiser that's great for dry skin.

Liloh Skincare Night Cream
The Liloh Skincare range is really beautiful. It's a gorgeous, gentle range that's a delight to use. I loved their night cream, it's rich, hydrating and left my skin feeling super soft. 

Swisspers Coconut Oil Facial Wipes
I don't know how I have so many packets of facial wipes. I don't use them and haven't purchased them since we moved down south seven years ago. I'm using them to clean up when I've been swatching and as body wipes after the gym. One day I'll get rid of them all.
If I did purchase face wipes I'd repurchase these. Swisspers make great wipes, they're non irritating and easily remove makeup.

This is my toss pile.
The P'ure Papaya Ointment is almost empty and out of date as is The Lip Slip One Luxe Balm.

I tossed the Trilogy Vital Moisturising cream because it smells awful.

Rimmel Lip Art Metallics and MCo Beauty lip pencil are going to a better home. They're not products that I'll wear. 


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