Tuesday, 31 March 2020

February and March empties

Since I didn't do an empties post last month I've got double for this month! Despite it being a double up I don't have much to show as I haven't been using a lot lately. I've been going make-up free most of the time and haven't been using my skin care as it was just too much effort post surgery. Funnily enough my skin condition hasn't changed much since I stopped using my skin care. It's got oily (which is good as it was dry before), it's not as smooth but that's the only change.

Funny that. I'm very careful about the skincare I use so I suspect that it's the sunscreen that was the issue. I haven't worn sunscreen very often as I haven't been leaving the house or near the windows. I'll have to experiment with my sunscreen to see if that was causing the problem. 

Moving forward I'll be simplifying my routine. I'll use eye cream as my eye area has been looking dry, I'll exfoliate as my skin gets quite rough and use a moisturiser or facial oil. Easy.

Now, onto the empties. 

I finished 3 make-up products the last few months which I'm really pleased about. I have no idea how I managed to finish make-up because I've hardly been wearing it.  

Milk Beauty Wipes
I don't use wipes and yet I have so many packets of them.
I'm trying to use up the ones I have, so use them for wiping off makeup that I've been swatching for Instagram. I also used these ones to clean and exfoliate my face after my surgery. If I was a wipes person these are the ones I'd choose, they're really big, non irritating and they have an exfoliating side.

Olay Regenerist Revitalising Thermal Mini-Peel Treatment
This scrub is awesome! It warms up when you use it and feels so lovely. The scrub particles are tiny and there are lots of them so you get a really good scrub. Unfortunately it appears to have been discontinued, if it wasn't I'd definitely repurchase.

Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mask 
Tatcha can do no wrong, which isn't great because their products are quite pricey. They're worth every cent. I loved the dewy skin mask, it made my skin look bright and hydrated. This one is a definite repurchase.

Yuni Shower Sheets
When I received this as a sample from Sephora I thought it was a silly idea so I threw it in my gym bag and left it there for months. One day I had to go out after the gym so used it and immediately loved it. What a brilliant idea. I'd thought that baby wipes would do the same job but I was wrong. The shower sheet is quite large, big enough to clean my underarms, arms and shoulders. They deodorise and left my skin smelling fresh. I'll definitely be buying a packet of these, they're a great idea.

Go-To Very Useful face Cream
For so long I've wanted to try this but never got around to buying it. Luckily for me I won it in a give away from Michelle's Musings
 Go-To products get such hype however I'm yet to find one of their products that I love. I think they're great for people who don't require much from their products, but being over 40 I need my products to do a little more than just hydrate. 
This would be great for someone who's looking for a basic daily moisturiser. I didn't find it hydrating enough for my dry skin. Plus, it smelled strange.

Clarins Fresh Scrub
I have no idea if I liked this or not. I got one use out of it and used it back in February so I can't remember. Clearly it wasn't love or I would have remembered.

My Shay Sensitive Deodorant
There are a few natural deodorants that I rotate between and this is one of them. It's the only deodorant with bicarb soda that hasn't irritated my pits. I used this throughout summer and it worked well provided I reapplied at lunchtime. I need to purchase another one.

The Physic Garden Sensitive Deodorant
This is another one of my natural deodorants and one that I also need to repurchase. I usually have three different deodorants on the go as I find that when I don't rotate them they stop working. Louella from Kiss Ready Lips tells me that this is due to hormones. As long as I use a different one every couple of days they work well. 

Liloh Skincare Fresh Daily Cleanser
I love a good gel cleanser. I love the way they feel and how light they are. Liloh Skincare cleanser is one of the nicest gel cleansers I've used. It doesn't irritate my eyes, removes all my makeup and doesn't give my skin that awful squeaky clean feeling. 
This one was gifted however it's a definite purchase.

YSL Blanc Pur Couture Emulsion Milky Lotion
What a waste of time this was. It smells great, felt nice and that's about all. It might be a great product however a 3ml sample isn't enough to figure out if it's nice or not. 

Drunk Elephant F-Balm Electrolyte Waterfacial Mask Hydrant
Why are DE products so hyped? I just don't get it. Sure, they're nice, but for the price they aren't amazing. There are many cheaper products that do the same thing. I used this as an overnight mask, it was nice, however Weleda Skin Food gives the same results.

Wella Color Brilliance Shampoo
I don't think I've used Wella products before. The Color Brilliance shampoo is lovely. It gently cleanses my hair and left it feeling very soft. If I wasn't moving to zero waste products I'd repurchase. 

Amore Pacific Treatment Enzyme Peel Cleansing Powder
When I get them right I really love exfoliating powders. I like that they're gentle and so effective. This one is nice, depending on the price I'd buy it again. 

These products are all tosses. The Nude by Nature lip balm gets a dishonourable mention because it's called pink but it's orange. That's the trouble with buying online, you can't see if you like the colour. The online swatches I saw looked pink, but it's definitely not pink.

The product in the little tub is the Ethique deodorant which was just awful. It sweated all the time, was really slippery and did nothing to control my odour.  

The Essano and Glow lab moisturisers dried out and the Dermaviduals eye cream was nearly empty and expired.


How can they call that pink? It's orange, not pink.


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