Sunday, 24 November 2019

Thoughts of the week

1. I've discovered a new favourite lip balm flavour....watermelon mint. I have an old Revo lip balm that I dug out a few weeks ago when I wanted to use a ball shaped lip balm. Does anyone else do that? Decide they want to use a particular type of balm (tube, oval tube, pot, squeeze tube, tin etc?) Just me? Okay then.
Anyhow, the Revo lip balm is melon mint flavoured and it's gorgeous. I don't think Revo balms are available any more however I've found an Aussie store called Toby and Rosie who have a watermelon mint flavoured balm, so I've ordered it.

2. I got good news this week. I'm allowed to start doing legs at the gym again. I can't use any weight but at least I can do something. I did a small leg workout on Friday, it wasn't much but was nice to get my legs moving again.

3. On Tuesday I was sent the limited edition Luk Beautifood Nude Pink lipstick. It's perfection. You know when you apply a product and it's love at first application? That's what Nude Pink is. I've already purchased a backup.

4. Why don't shopping centres have parcel lockers? You could shop online from the stores in the centre, they could put your purchases into the locker and you could pick it up whenever you wanted to. 
They're constantly asking people to shop local and support the local businesses, but they don't do anything to make that easier. They don't offer click and collect, they don't offer home delivery and yet they complain when you don't shop with them.
If retailers made it easier people would shop with them more. Parcel lockers would be a great start. Maybe I should patent that idea and start selling it to shopping centres. I might get rich. Haha.

5. What's with the laws at liquor shops now? We don't drink much so rarely go into a bottle shop. It's been about 12 months since I bought alcohol, however I got told off at the bottle shop this week because I needed Chai to carry my purchases to the counter. I couldn't carry it myself as I'm on crutches and there was only one staff member who was busy serving customers. What else was I supposed to do? I understand children can't have alcohol, but what's the deal with them not being able to carry it to the counter when I can't?

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