Sunday, 29 September 2019

Thoughts of the week

1. This week I discovered that you can watch animated versions of kids books on YouTube. You can also watch people reading the books. This has been such a wonderful discovery for our home schooling. We read a different book each week so with books that I didn't have I used to order from the library. Now, I just find them on YouTube and don't have to order them, when means that we can skip ahead when we want to. Sounds like a small thing but it's made such a big difference for us.

2. Another recent discovery is the author Josh Langley. We read one of his kids books and Chai loved it so much that I went to the book shop and ordered both of his childrens books. He's on Instagram and is very friendly, when I posted about him he replied, it was great.

3. I've also discovered Krumbled Foods. Their collagen bars are my new favourite snack. They're low in sugar, gluten and dairy free.
It's a yummy treat that's healthy. I wish they sold them in packs.

4. I've found my new life motto:
You just have to take it one "are you f*&@ing kidding me" at a time.

5. Mecca beauty loop boxes are out on Tuesday. I'm planning to order their new Weekend Skin. It looks like it'd be great for me as it's a light tint and doesn't contain SPF.

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