Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Physicians Formula Murumuru Butter Lip Cream

You know how some products are love at first use? Murumuru Butter Lip Cream was one of those products for me.

I originally purchased the shade Flamingo Pink because I thought it'd be a lovely summery pink, turns out it's more peach than pink.
I loved the formula so much that I purchased the shade Mauvin to Brazil and it's the perfect mlbb shade for me.

It's a real shame that Physician's Formula isn't available in Australia as they have some great products. I'd love to have access to the full range, I was looking on their website and they have so many gorgeous products. Thankfully some of the range is available on iHerb which is where I purchase. (If you'd like to purchase, code YUF175 will get you a discount).

If you're like me and have no idea what murumuru is, it's a palm tree that's native to Brazil. The palm grows edible fruit. Murumuru butter is the fat that comes from the palms seeds. Interesting.

There are several reasons that I love my Murumuru Butter Lip Cream. Firstly, it smells and tastes great (very important). The colour is opaque with two layers and looks like I'm wearing lipstick.
The most important part is that it's super hydrating. That's the main reason I don't wear lipstick every day, I need hydration. I usually apply lipstick in the morning then use balm for the rest of the day.

Top: Mauvin to Brazil, bottom: Flamingo Pink

With Murumuru Butter Lip Cream I have the benefits of a balm with the colour of a lipstick. Perfect. An added bonus is that it has as SPF of 15.

There are twelve shades in the range, however iHerb doesn't yet have all of them and they go out of stock regularly, so if you see a shade you want in stock, grab it whilst you can. 

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