Friday, 6 September 2019

FFS Friday - Still striking

Do you ever wonder wtf you're living for? Not as in a depressed sense, but as in what's it all about?
I'm saying this from a totally bored perspective. I'm just wondering why the hell I bother. What's the point of this life? There must be more to life than raising kids and paying bills. Sure that's fun sometimes, tough other times. But what else?

I want plans and excitement and holidays and things to look forward to. Tiger doesn't. I don't get it. How can he not want to plan and have things to look forward to?

Life seems rather pointless without things to look forward to. Goals too. I like goals, they give you something to work towards and aim for. Tiger is happy to float along without any thought to what's going to happen next. I just don't understand.

Since I'm not working I feel like I haven't had the ability to make plans but I've decided that's wrong and I can make plans. So, I've opened a bank account and started saving. I want to go to America to visit my friend. It's not going to happen unless I make it happen. 

So far I've got $4.49 in the account, hahaha. But, I have plans. I'll start saving my $5 notes again and I'll also clear the change out of my purse every week. Every few months I'll put it into my savings account. Another thing I plan to do is keep a list of everything I want to buy. When I don't buy those things I'll put the money that I would have spent into my savings account. That'll help two ways, it'll stop me buying things I don't need and it'll also help my savings grow. Winning.

Not sure how else I'm going to save up, but I'll think of something. 

Do you make plans? Or do you just wander along aimlessly like Tiger?

My permanent strike is ongoing. Wednesday I cut some hanger strap things off my jumper and left them on the floor. It's what everyone else in my household does so I decided to do the same thing. 
They're still there. I'll pick them up in a few days when I can be bothered. Heh.

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