Friday, 27 September 2019

FFS Friday - Hammock

I've been a bit quiet around here lately. Every time I've sat down to write I've just wanted to complain and that's not fun for anyone to read. Things haven't been much fun lately. Chai's issues are escalating rapidly and I'm so not qualified to deal with them. I have no trucking idea what to do.

Add to that Tiger is away, a close relative is having relationship problems, other family members need help and you have a tired, worn out mombie. 

At the moment we're trying a dairy and gluten free diet for Chai. It's been two weeks and already his digestive issues are easing. We don't eat a lot of gluten and dairy so it hasn't been too difficult, the only problem has been cheese. We love cheese, especially feta. There's barely a day goes past that we don't eat feta so it has been sorely missed. 

Vegan cheese tastes like plastic and costs a fortune. I've bought around six different types, they all have the same awful taste.

One thing I'm having a win with is home schooling. It's finally registered with the boys that learning is fun so they're willingly sitting down to do their learning. The great thing about home schooling is that it doesn't take long. We learn every day other than Sunday and we spend about an hour a day. That's it. The rest of the day is play.

You wouldn't think an hour a day is enough to cover the curriculum but it is. We use a program called Complete Education which covers the WA curriculum and that's all it takes. I love the freedom that home schooling gives us. I also love not having to get up and out of my pj's every morning.

You know what else has been annoying me? We're back to Chai waking up at 4.45am. Every. Single. Day. 
Once Chai is awake everyone is awake. He won't get up on his own, he won't be quiet, he stays in bed and makes sure we're all awake.
The days are very long when they start before 5am. I do not like it. 

I've never been a morning person. Even when I was a child I hated mornings, they just aren't my thing. Having to be up and functioning in the morning is too much to expect from a person.

After nine days of hell with Chai, we went to the OT yesterday and he's now fine. FFS.
It's funny how OT helps. All they do is play but it makes such a huge difference. Yesterday he spent most of the time playing in a hammock. I'm getting one installed in our house. We need to install a beam in the roof first so I'll get a builder to come over and do that. It may look strange but it's going to make a huge difference to our lives. The household is totally different when Chai is calm and happy. 

Well that's enough of my whining. 

I hope you all have a beautiful long weekend.

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