Tuesday, 23 July 2019

The Lip Oil Series: Zoella Tinted Berry Lip Oil

It's time for another episode of The Lip Oil Series. 
Today I'm talking about my newest lip oil Zoella's Tinted Berry Lip Oil.

First up, I'll tell you why this lip oil is about to leave my collection. It has that awful fake cherry/marzipan scent. It's horrible. When I purchased this I was expecting a nice berry scent but was very disappointed when I smelled it. 

The scent isn't very strong, it's only noticeable for a few minutes after application but as it's a scent that I really hate, I just can't tolerate it.

It's a shame about the scent because I quite like this lip oil. Texture wise it's very light, it is undetectable after a few minutes. The tint is what I love. It's a light, sheer wash of colour that brightens up my lips and lasts for around six hours. I love how long lasting it is, it's perfect for those lazy days when I want to look like I've made some sort of effort but can't be bothered wearing lipstick. 

If you're after hydration this isn't the lip oil for you. Once applied it feels like nothing. There's no hydration, no heaviness, nothing at all. This means that it works well under lip balm or over lip pencil.

If it wasn't for the awful scent, I'd really love the Zoella lip oil. They do have a clear version in a watermelon scent that I'm tempted to buy, but I have enough untinted lip oils to last me many years. 

I purchased my Zoella Tinted Berry Lip Oil from Priceline for $8.95.

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