Wednesday, 31 July 2019

July Empties

It feels like only a week ago that I did my June empties and yet here we are a month later. July was a much better empties month after my dismal effort in June. It's so satisfying having a decent amount of empties. 

I have a tub full of face masks so began making the effort to use them. It's not like they take long to use, I pop one on after the boys are asleep, lay in bed reading for a while then take the mask off. Easy.
I'm determined to finish them all by the end of the year. I'm going to take an inventory this weekend so that I can keep track of my progress.

Palmers Coconut Oil Formula Hydrating Sheet Mask
Every time I order from Chemist Warehouse I pop a few Palmers sheet masks into my cart. They're a great, cheap way to spend enough for free shipping.
Out of all the ones I've tried this is my favourite, it's gentle, soothing and left my skin feeling very soft. I'll happily repurchase once I've got through my current collection. 

16 Brand Hibiscus Tea Mask Pack
I have no idea what this mask was supposed to do, but it was pleasant to use, didn't irritate and left my skin feeling soft.  That's pretty much all I expect from my face masks.

Andalou Naturals Pumpkin and Honey Face Mask
If I could only use five face masks I'd use this would be one of them. It has a tingly feeling but doesn't irritate or make my skin red. When I use it regularly (a few times a week) my skin looks brighter and feels smoother. 

Simple Radiance Boosting Sheet Mask
Out of all the sheet masks I've tried this is easily one of my favourites. It made my skin look brighter and healthier, the dark spots were less noticeable and I was glowing. I'll definitely repurchase this (and I won't wait to finish my current stash, I'll get it next time I see it on sale!) 

Simple 5 Minute Reset Hydrogel Mask and unknown brand Black Sesame Hydrogel Mask
These two were a comedy of errors. I put on the black sesame mask but it burned my skin so I had to take it off after two minutes. Determined to do a face mask I got out the Simple mask. It's a jelly texture and broke in four pieces as I was trying to unfold it. I threw it in the bin and went to bed, hahaha. 

Skin Republic Bubble Purifying Mask
I normally stay away from purifying masks, however my BFF told me how much she loved this mask and they were on sale at Priceline so I bought one. It was so much fun!
I didn't realise that you had to rub the mask in the packet to increase the foaming so mine didn't foam as much as it could have, but it was still a lovely mask that left my skin feeling soft and smooth. 

Skin Republic Brightening Eye Mask
I like these eye masks however I don't find they do anything other than hydrate. They're nice to use and I'll continue to buy them.

Ole Henriksen Sheer Transormation Perfecting Moisturizer
I really enjoyed this and all the other samples I used this month. However, as I say every time I do an empties post, a sample sachet is only one use, so not enough to decide if I'd buy something. I really don't know why companies give out sachets, in my opinion they're just a waste of money.

Youth to the People Adaptogen Deep Moisture Cream
As I said above, this too was lovely to use however one use is not enough for me to form any opinion about the product.

Susanne Kaufmann Hyaluron Serum Moisturising 
I liked this but there is no way that it's worth $227 for 30 mls.

Dr Jart+ Ceramidin
This sample size is so much better. I got a few weeks use out of my Ceramidin and was intending to purchase a full size until my eyes went all sensitive and it irritated them. If it wasn't for my dodgy eyes I'd happily purchase. 

Kiss Read Skin Light Chia Oil
Oh how I love my beautiful Kiss Ready products. The Light Chia Oil is beautiful and one of the few products that doesn't irritate my eyes. This is a definite repurchase. 

Korres Shampoo
There's not really much to say about shampoo, I never know what to write. This was pleasant to use and one I'd happily buy. It didn't weigh down my fine hair and it smells good.

Glow Lab Body Scrub
Ugh, I really didn't enjoy this, it was a chore to finish. The scrub was okay, however it leaves a horrible oily film that's really difficult to remove. I'll stick to my salt and coffee scrubs.

Acure Brightening Face Scrub
I'm happy to say I've found my holy grail face scrub. Brightening Face Scrub gives an intense scrub, I press lightly so that I don't irritate my skin. It's easily the best face scrub I've ever used. The grains are smooth so don't scratch my face and you can use light or heavy pressure depending on how intense a scrub you need. 

The Body Shop British Rose Shower Gel
If something smells like roses I'm sold. The Body Shop shower gels are great and this one is no exception. If I wasn't switching to bar soaps I would have already repurchased as this is one of my favourite scents.

MooGoo Expresso Exfoliant Coffee Scrub 
I love that this can be used on the face or body. My little sample pot lasted me a few months as I only used it on my face. A 350g tub costs $24.90 which is great value. I'd happily repurchase if I didn't have other products to finish first.

La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo
I didn't appreciate LRP products until my eyes went weird. Now, it's a brand that I love. The effaclar duo is something I"ll be buying full sized as soon as it's on sale again. I love the tingly feeling and how smooth my skin felt the next morning. 

La Roche Posay Toleraine Ultra Sensitive Eye Contour
Finally I've found a product that will heal my eyelids when they are red and irritated from allergies. Over the years I've tried a lot of different products, this is the only one that has worked. Immediately after application my eyes feel soothed and within a few days the irritation is completely gone. 

Avene Tolerance Extreme Cream
Like the two products above, this is another love. It's soothing, ultra hydrating and non irritating. As with the other two, I'll be purchasing a full size very soon. 


I had another mini clean out of my collection this month and got rid of more products that I don't use or have dupes of. Most of these products will be going to a better home.

Dishonourable mention goes to the Essence nail polish, it makes my nails look a very unhealthy yellow, it's not pretty at all.

The Essano Exfoliant does not warrant that name, there's barely any scrubby bits in it at all, so it went in the bin. 

Weleda Skin Food Lip Balm just isn't nice. I couldn't bring myself to finish it which shows how much I dislike it. 

Kate Somerville Cleanser gives me that awful squeaky clean feeling which is not ideal for dry skin. 

The rest of the products are old, duplicates or just don't suit me. 

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