Friday, 5 July 2019

FFS Friday - Just curious

I'm getting my rant on today about rude people.

I'd never realised how rude people could be until I made a friend who had a prosthesis (false leg). It amazed me how many people (nearly everyone) would ask her what had happened to her leg. 

Random strangers would walk up and ask about her leg. Some of them didn't even bother to say hello first, they just immediately asked what had happened to her leg.

I truly could not believe it. How rude! 

Fair enough if kids ask because they don't know any better, but adults should not be commenting on another persons appearance. 

Why I'm ranting about this today is because it's happening to a friends daughter. She lost her leg recently and random strangers are approaching her to ask what happened.

How F@#*ing rude!

You wouldn't walk up to someone and ask why they've got  purple hair or a fat belly, so why would you ask someone what happened to their leg? It's just not okay.

Both my friend and my friends daughter, when they've refused to say what happened to their leg have had the rude person act all hurt and say "I was just curious". Honestly people, you are in the wrong. You can be as curious as you like but keep it to yourself. Why is your curiosity more important than a trauma victims pain?

You wouldn't ask a rape victim to talk about their trauma, why ask an amputee to talk about their trauma?
If you were talking to someone and they mentioned that they'd been raped, you wouldn't ask for details. Losing a limb is the same thing. Don't ask for details. Trauma is trauma.

What makes people think they have the right to know about another person? What other people do is none of our business unless it directly affects us. We have no right to know and no right to ask.

What I learned from having a friend with a prosthesis is that they probably don't want to talk about it, so unless they tell you what happened, don't ask. 

If you do happen to be talking to someone with a prosthesis, do them a favour and don't ask what happened. Even if they mention losing their limb, unless they decide to tell you how it happened, don't ask. 

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