Friday, 12 July 2019

FFS Friday - Fark

It's time for episode 30,786,357 of Crap That Only Happens When Tiger is Away.

The day after Tiger left was quite windy. I was watching the trampoline and hoping it wouldn't take off then looked at our back fence and noticed that part of it was leaning over. Crap. 
I went out to check and watched as the whole thing fell down. Double crap.

To make things even more interesting, it is the corner of our fence behind the pool so when it fell down it gave street access to our pool and a view straight into the main living area of our home. FFS.

I called the insurance company but they were closed as it was after 5pm EST.

Called them back the next morning and they said it'd be a few days until they could get a temporary fence put up. I told them that wasn't acceptable as it's illegal to have a pool without fencing, so they got someone to install temporary fencing that day.

I absolutely hate people being able to see into our backyard and house. It makes me feel very vulnerable and exposed.

As if that wasn't enough for one swing, we've had problems with our wood heater. The fire bricks are cracked and need to be replaced. They needed to be replaced last year but Tiger didn't bother. I've been asking him to get it sorted since June last year but it still hasn't happened. Summer would have been the ideal time but as usual he did nothing.

The cracking has been getting steadily worse so Saturday I headed to Bunnings and bought some fire bricks. I wanted a full set but they aren't available any more. WTF is with that? Heaters are supposed to last 10 to 20 years. Our heater is 2 years old and already the brick set that we need has been discontinued. FFS.

Sunday morning with a huge effort (it took me half an hour) I pulled out the three worst fire bricks. Before I did that I measured the bricks and they looked like the same size.
I got the bricks out, put one of the new ones in and realised that it's a lot taller than the ones we currently have and wider too. FFS. 

That meant that after all my effort I couldn't replace the bricks. FFS.

The old ones were in pieces so I couldn't put them back in. FFS.

I got a few pieces and stacked them into the back of the heater as best I could then decided not to light the fire. I gave in that afternoon as it was 13 degrees and freezing.

I spent over an hour searching online but no-one has the brick sizes that we need. WTF.

I was totally over it so told Tiger it's his problem to sort out when he's home.

I also told him that if he'd sorted it when I first asked him to it wouldn't be a problem now. FFS.

WTF is with these people who don't do the things that need to be done? It drives me crazy. Tiger is the worst for it. I may need to divorce him. 

If you've been playing along at home, I'm still on strike. A permanent strike is very tempting.

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