Tuesday, 9 July 2019

A look at my collection

Regular readers will know that I've been downsizing my collection for a few years now. The destash is an ongoing process but I've finally gotten to a place where it's so much more manageable. 

Last week I realised that I've destashed so much that everything can fit into a drawer. When I say everything, it doesn't include lip products. They'd probably take up another whole drawer however I'm working very hard at destashing them too and have gotten rid of at least half.

So, here's what my make-up drawer looks like now:

It's not neat or organised, but at least it all fits. There are still products in there that I will declutter in the near future. I've already gotten rid of two products, one I tossed due to age and another I gave to my cousin.  

Slowly but surely I'm getting there and it's a very satisfying feeling.

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