Monday, 24 December 2018

Pan the Pots Final Update

My Pan the Pots project is over! How did I go?

If you're new here, at the end of March I decided that my potted lip balms needed some love, so challenged myself to finish six lip product pots by the end of this year.

You can read my first post here, first update here and second update here.

Update two: Five products finished, one to go

So, it's time for me to let you know that.....I failed at the final hurdle. I was doing so well, I'd finished five pots and only had one to go. So what went wrong? Firstly, I couldn't find a lip product that I liked and wanted to use. I swapped them out for about a month until I settled on my Shanghai Lil and the Scarlet Fez Jersey Caramel balm. I was happily using it (it's a beautiful balm) and made a decent dent in it, then for no particular reason I lost momentum and forgot all about my project pan. 

Every now and again I'd see it sitting next to my computer and use it, but not often enough to finish it. 

Despite my failure, I'm still pleased that I managed to finish five potted balms in nine months, it feels like a pretty good effort. 

Moving forward I'm making sure that I am always working on one lip product pot. I've left a few around the house so I'll apply them throughout the day. I've also stopped buying lip products in pots, because I just don't use them. My aim is to use up my current stash and be done with potted lip products.

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