Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Lanolips Rose Gold 101 Ointment

My love for Lanolips is no secret. Lanolips bought the beautiful Emma into my life, something for which I'll be eternally grateful. 
Whenever Lanolips launches a new product I need it. When it's a limited edition rose gold 101 ointment, I really, really need it. 
That's not true. I don't need it, I want it. I've been considering how I talk about beauty products and purchases in general. I've decided to change my language. The majority of the time I don't need things, I want them. From now on that's what I'll say. I'm hoping that will help not only me, but the boys as well. Really, the only things I need to purchase is food, almost everything else is a want not a need.

But, back to rose gold. She's beautiful. Just look at her.

This is a limited edition product, available exclusively at Sephora in Australia. I don't understand why companies do that. It's annoying having to shop at a specific store when Lanolips is so widely available. Plus, a large majority of the population will be forced to shop online, further adding to the cost. 

I was lucky enough to be on holidays near a Sephora store when rose gold launched, so I was able to head in store and pick one up.

This is such a gorgeous product. The packaging is as beautiful as the product, I'd buy it just to look at the tube sitting on my bench. 

If you have the regular 101 ointment, the texture is very similar, just with a slightly more matte finish when it dries down.

I've been using my rose gold ointment as both a blush and lip balm. Whilst red might seem way too bright for a blush, it sheers out well and adds a healthy glow to my cheeks. I use a very small amount on each cheek and blend it out. 

Rose gold layers well, so can either be a sheer flush of lip colour or applied in a thicker layer for opaque coverage. Being an ointment, you get all the benefits of a hydrating lip balm, with the bonus of a gorgeous tint. 

The shade is a true red with gold glitter. Once the product is on you can't really see the glitter, but you can see it in the swatch above. It has a gorgeous shimmer, without any obvious chunks of glitter. 

As with the original 101 ointment, rose gold has no flavour or fragrance.

Lanolips Rose Gold 101 Ointment costs $19 AUD for a 9 gram tube.

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