Friday, 7 December 2018

FFS Friday - Ranting again

What is it with parent bashing? I'm constantly seeing articles saying how parents are doing such a bad job. It's crazy. I suppose that's what society is all about at the moment, making people feel inadequate so that they'll spend money in an effort to feel better.

Society would be so much happier if we spent our time building people up instead of tearing them down.

The latest annoying article I read was about mobile phones. Have you ever noticed how much we demonise the mobile phone? The person who wrote the article watched people at the park and noted how much time they spent on their phones instead of watching their kids.

Funny that they didn't note how much time parents who weren't on their phones spent not paying attention to their kids. That would have defeated the purpose because they were mobile phone bashing. 

If I was sitting at the park reading a book or chatting to a friend, no-one would have anything negative to say. If I was sitting there on my mobile phone, I'm a bad parent. 

The silly thing is, I could be doing very worthwhile things with my phone. I could be working, paying bills, replying to emails, setting up appointments or play dates for the kids, all types of valid, useful things. 

Technology is a part of life now. How about instead of bashing people for using it, we teach them how to utilise technology in a healthy, beneficial way?

Or even better, how about we butt out, mind our own business and let other people parent however they want to. Works for me. 

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