Friday, 28 December 2018

FFS Friday - Legless

We've nearly made it through the silly season! How are you all? Have any sanity left? Mine abandoned me years ago.

Today I'm here to rant about gym clothing. Back when I used to exercise I didn't have to worry about active wear. I did martial arts so wore a gi or thai shorts and a singlet. When I went walking I wore a short skirt and if I went running I wore shorts. Easy. Fast forward to now and it's not so easy.

Buying active wear when you aren't fit is a cruel kind of torture. Back when I used to exercise daily, active wear wasn't confined to short shorts or leggings like it is now.

When I started at the gym, I naively went looking for some shorts. I don't want short shorts, I want loose shorts that come to mid thigh. I've now discovered that they don't exist. It's either short shorts or leggings. Initially I refused to consider leggings (why highlight my chunky bits!) however I quickly realised that I had no choice but to purchase leggings. FFS!

Now, you'd think that leggings would be quite simple, but they aren't. Do you want full length leggings, ankle leggings, 7/8 leggings, crop leggings or bike shorts? Once you've figured out the length you like, then you need to decide whether you want low rise, mid rise or high rise.

Added to that is the undie problem. I hate a VPL but refuse to wear a g-string. My days of wearing a g-banger are well and truly over. Thankfully one of my friends told me about seamless undies and the VPL issue was solved. Kmart seamless undies are great. Target laser cut undies are crap.

After figuring out that I like high rise (stops the muffin top), crop leggings. I headed to Target, bought a pair and took them home. After wearing them twice, the side seams split. I figured that maybe they were too small (they didn't feel too small), so bought the next size up. They split too. I returned both pairs. FFS.

Okay, Target ones are crap, good to know. Off to Kmart. Black is boring, so I bought a grey pair. I got them home, tried them on and realised they're see through. FFS. 
Why would they make see through leggings? Those ones went back too.

One of my friends loves Cotton On leggings. I grabbed two pairs during their boxing day sale. Stupidly I purchased a grey pair and surprise surprise, they're see through. The other pair I bought were black and they were split on the sides before I even tried them on. FFS.

By this time I was feeling very frustrated and considering buying a pair of mens shorts. I headed to Big W. The Michelle Bridges leggings looked really nice. They had a few different styles that I liked, so I decided to give them a go. They didn't have one single pair in my size. FFS!

By this time I was more than ready to give up, when I realised that Lorna Jane was having 20% off all stock. I headed in there and got lots of help from the lovely staff. Stupidly I took Tiger and the boys with me. Actually it was lucky I had Tiger with me, because he's the one who convinced me to go in there and to spend the money on a good quality pair. Anyhow, after half an hour, about ten different pairs of leggings, lots of inspections to make sure I didn't have a camel toe, flashing the whole store twice (thanks to the boys racing in and out of my change room playing super heroes), I spent a lot of money on two pairs of leggings. 

Unlike the cheap leggings, these ones suck me in and make my bum look amazing! I shall wear them for a few weeks then report back, but I can already tell you they're the most comfortable leggings I've tried so far.

That brings me to my next rant. Why are women's clothes always so tight? We don't all want to wear skin tight clothes. Trying to get clothes, especially pants, that aren't skin tight is really difficult and it shits me to tears. Men's clothing comes in different fits, why isn't women's clothing the same? Surely there must be some brands out there that make nice, flattering, non skin tight clothes and active wear for women? If you know of any, point me in their direction please. 

Rant over.

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