Monday, 31 December 2018

2018 Project Pan Finale

Now that we've reached the last day of 2018 it's time to let you know how I did with my Project Pan this year.

I totally forgot that I'd planned to do a low buy one month and no buy the next month, that went out the window. I did rein in my spending and purchased a lot less than I normally would. Even when we went to the Gold Coast I still didn't buy as much as I expected.

I'm finding that buying make-up isn't as exciting as it used to be. There isn't a great selection where I live, so most items have to be purchased online, which takes the fun out of it. Getting the packages is great fun, but for me half the pleasure of buying make-up is looking at it, swatching colours etc before making my decision. Plus, I already have so much that it seems pointless to collect more when I have so many products sitting there unloved. 

However, back to the topic. How did I go with my project pan? I was hoping to finish 50 products for the year.

I finished 60 products!

The tally is very interest and I plan to use it to help guide my purchases next year. I finished:

8 foundations
7 primers
1 setting spray
4 eye liners
1 eye shadow
2 blushes
3 brow products
5 make-up tools
6 mascaras
14 lip balms
7 tinted lip balms/glosses/lipsticks
2 lip primers

I started using setting spray at the end of November, so I'll use more of them next year. Foundations I go through regularly, although I have enough to last me all year without the need to buy more. I've found my holy grail mascara now, so will go through four of them a year as I change my mascara every three months. I've got enough lip products to last me a lifetime, so don't need to buy them again.

One thing that I didn't finish is concealer. Whilst I could use concealer every day, I don't. I have dark circles and patches I could cover up, but I rarely bother. If concealer didn't take so much effort I would wear it daily, but it takes way too much effort to ensure the concealer doesn't crease and I just don't have the time for that. 

I've culled regularly throughout the year and overall I'm happy with my collection, with the exception of lip products. I still have way too many so I'll continue to cull whenever the fancy takes me. I went through 23 lip products, so I do get through them quickly but still have a long way to go to get down to a number I'm happy with.  

That concludes my 2018 project pan. I'm looking forward to tossing out everything I've collected over the year and starting fresh for 2019.

If you'd like to follow my 2018 project pan, you can read my original post here, first update here, second update here, third update here and fourth update here

Did you do a project pan this year? How did it go?

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