Tuesday, 16 October 2018

My current morning skincare routine

It's been ages since I talked skin care, mainly because I change products all the time and they're empty by the time I think to review them. Today I have a bit of down time thanks to the boys being sick and sleeping the day away, so I can tell you all about my morning skin care routine.

After cleansing I apply the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence. I've used half the bottle and am yet to form an opinion. I haven't noticed it doing anything amazing for my skin, but perhaps it's one of those products that you don't realise how good they are until you stop using them. I have another bottle, so once I've finished them both I'll report back.

I apply the John Plunkett Collagen Eye Lift afterwards and give it some time to absorb. This claims to have noticeable results within 60 days. I've been using it for about 30 days so far and am yet to notice results, however I am hoping for miracles. It's a lovely eye cream to use, I like the squeeze tube, it's easy to get the right amount out. The cream feels nice, absorbs quickly and keeps my eye area hydrated.

Next is the Andalou Naturals 1000 Roses Absolute Serum. I'm really enjoying using this, mainly because of the gorgeous rose scent. The serum is quite creamy, feels hydrating has been very soothing on my irritated skin. 

I follow this with my Danearth Antioxidant Rich Moisturising Serum. I bought this after seeing what it did for my sister's skin. Her skin looks noticeably brighter. The scent takes a little getting used to. It smells very green. I don't mind it now, but Tiger won't kiss me after I've put it on because he doesn't like the smell. It fades after a few minutes but is something to be aware of.

After that I mix some Skinstiut Vitamin C powder into my WelleCo Organic Rose Geranium Cream. I love the Vitamin C powder, it's a holy grail for me. I'm not sold on the WelleCo Rose Geranium Cream. It sounds like the type of product I'd love, the ingredients are great, but sometimes it stings when I put it on and it's just not hydrating enough for me. I'll use it up, but won't repurchase.

Last up is the Kiss Ready Skin Sun Veil Skin Balm. I'm loving this gorgeous balm. It contains Zinc Oxide so I'm using it as my sunscreen. It hasn't been tested (that costs a crazy amount of money), so the SPF rating is unofficial, but it should be around 20 to 25. 
This is beautiful for dry skin, it's so hydrating and a pleasure to use. I only need a pea sized amount for my whole face and neck, a little bit goes a long way.

That's the end of my skin care routine!
What are your favourite skin care products?


  1. More enthused than me! Mornings it's warm face flannel, moisturiser (sorbolene mixed with rice bran, grape seed & olive oil) then sunscreen. And lip balm.

    Nights are much the same, although the flannel is replaced with homemade soap, I skip sunscreen. Twice a week I use a green tea and olive leaf scrub, and once a week a mask.

  2. It sounds like such a good routine! It's interesting the Sun Veil balm doesn't have an official SPF rating, I'd assume it would be quite high with the zinc!

    Hope the boys are feeling better soon!

    Hope that you have had a lovely weekend :) We went to a wedding which was a lot of fun :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

    1. Kiss Ready are working on getting the Sun Veil officially rated, but it's ridiculously expensive.

      I haven't been to a wedding for ages, they are so much fun :)


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