Monday, 8 October 2018

2018 Project Pan Update Four

Only two months until my project pan is finished for this year. So how am I doing? 

I've now finished forty four products, which means I should get pretty close to my aim of fifty empties for the year. 

I've found it fascinating to see which products I actually finish and which ones I don't. Moving forward, it'll make my purchases a lot easier as I'll have a clear idea how often I finish that particular product. 

Here's my tally:

Foundations - 6 (2 minis)
Mascaras - 5
Primers - 8 (4 minis)
Blush - 2 (1 mini)
Brow products - 2
Eyeliners - 2
Lip products - 16 (2 minis)

I haven't managed to finish a face powder, lip liner or concealer, so clearly I don't need to be buying them for a long time. Bases, primers and lip products are the only items I finish regularly and I have plenty of them, so really I don't need to do any shopping at all. I'm still considering a no buy for 2019
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