Sunday, 30 September 2018

Thoughts of the week

1. After reading the My Health Records Act 2012 I've opted myself and the children out. The reason I made this decision is mainly due to Part 4, Subdivison B, 65 (1). 
Subject to section 69, a participant in the My Health Record system is authorised to collect, use and disclose health information included in a healthcare recipient’s My Health Record if the collection, use or disclosure is required or authorised by Commonwealth, State or Territory law.
There are so many different Commonwealth and State laws that could potentially allow access to our records, it's just not something I'm willing to risk.

2. Today is the last time I get to see one of my very good friends. She's moving overseas so I won't see here again for a few years. After seeing her almost every day for the last seven months, her presence will be sorely missed. She's been my sanity when Tiger is at work. Without her I'll probably only speak to other adults once a week.

3. The Christmas collections will be out soon and I'm so here for it. Can't wait to see all the limited edition goodies. They get me every time. 

4. I have the strong urge to transform out house into a colourful, boho, plant filled hippie home.

5. We have new neighbours behind us. Despite my best snooping efforts I still haven't managed to see them. I might get desperate and go over to introduce myself.

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