Friday, 14 September 2018

FFS Friday - Hopeful

Hello Friday! How are we all? I hope you've had a wonderful week. Our week has been long. Tiger had to go back to work early and Chai was really upset about it this time. Poor boy, it's awful seeing him so upset and not being able to help him.

They say that kids get used to FIFO but they really don't. Tiger has been doing FIFO for five years now, but Chai still isn't used to it. Eljay isn't fussed, Tiger's been FIFO his whole life so he doesn't know any different. 

Last week we went to see Chai's psych and I'd got to the point where I was ready to try medication for him. His behaviour has been over the top and between the Paediatrician and Psychologist I was starting to wonder if he does have ADHD (he doesn't). 

I ordered the medication and on the day I was due to pick it up I bumped into a school mum. Her son has Autism, ADHD and SPD. His behaviour at school was over the top and he was constantly getting suspended (this was because the school were not dealing with him appropriately so he constantly had meltdowns, it wasn't his fault).
He switched to another school and he's a different child. He's thriving, doesn't have meltdowns and can't wait to get to school every day.
He's also medication free. When she told me that I decided that I'm not ready to medicate Chai.

Instead, I'm trying love and positive encouragement. So far it's working. I know it's only early days, I might be here next week saying that I've had to medicate, but so far we're doing well. 

When Chai has an angry outburst, instead of growling at him I cuddle him. When he's gone all day without hurting Eljay, he gets to spend some time playing on the xbox. In the past I used the xbox as a punishment, I'd take the xbox away if he'd been misbehaving. Now, I use it as a reward. It's basically the same thing, I just phrase it differently. 

It's been five days and things are going really well. Chai's happy, he's controlling himself and he hasn't hit his brother once. Fingers crossed this continues!
Wish me luck. 

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