Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Beauty and the Bees Honey Butter Lip Balms

I've been using Beauty and the Bees products for about fifteen years now. They were onto cruelty free, plastic free, zero waste and palm oil free way before it became a big deal.
Their product range is gorgeous, I've yet to be disappointed with anything I've tried from them. 

One of their latest releases is something I'm very excited about. Refillable lip balm! 
You'd think something like this would be quite pricey but it's only $19.95 for the tube and balm or $14.945 for the refill. 

The tubes are very heavy and feel like something you'd get from a high end brand. They're sturdy enough that they'll last a lifetime. The balm clicks out from the bottom so there's no worry about it coming open in my handbag.

There are three versions available; unscented, orange spice and rose red tint. I have unscented and rose red tint (which is also unscented). Whilst they have no added scent, they both have a soft honey scent. 

I find my Honey Butter balms to be very hydrating, they're one of my favourite balms and I love that they're refillable. The rose red tint gives a sheer wash of pinky red that looks natural and brightens my face nicely.

The formula feels hydrating and creamy, with a slightly glossy finish. 
If you haven't tried Beauty and The Bees products you're missing out!


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