Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Travel friendly Vitamin C serum

The one skincare product that makes a noticeable difference to my skin is Vitamin C. Within about three days of using a good Vitamin C my skin feels smoother and looks brighter. Continued use leaves my skin glowing. 

When I'm at home I use a powdered form of Vitamin C, however it's not very convenient for travel. That's where Clinique's Fresh Pressed Daily Booster with Pure Vitamin C 10% comes in.  

The issue with vitamin C is that it degrades when exposed to oxygen. Vitamin C is most potent when it's fresh. When you buy a vitamin C serum off the shelf, you don't know how long it's been sitting there.
The beauty of this system is that there's no chance of the serum oxidising as it's only activated immediately prior to the first use and is finished within seven days. The tube packaging is light proof, air tight,compact and easily portable, making it perfect for travel.

Each tube contains a seven day supply of vitamin C serum. You peel off the silver foil at the top, press the top of the tube twice to release the vitamin C, shake to mix it up then apply two drops. You can either apply the serum straight onto your skin or you can mix it in with your moisturiser. I prefer to apply it straight onto my skin.

Used twice daily, I notice a difference in my skin within three days. My skin is smoother, brighter and more event toned. Used longer term, vitamin C makes my skin glow. If there's only one skin care product you add to your routine this year, make it a vitamin C serum, you won't regret it. 

If you need further proof of the awesomeness of Fresh Pressed Daily Booster, Caroline Hirons loves it!

Fresh Pressed Daily Booster costs $45 for a seven day supply and can be purchased at Clinique counters or online from Clinique.

Note: This product was provided for review.

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